Saturday, April 21, 2012


I was finally able to get my hands on these eyelash curlers and couldn't wait to compare them! To be honest ladies they are amazing! Are they worth the money? Most definitely! BTW they re about $20 each. If you do some shopping around online you can find them for way less. 

Ok so even though I LOVE these two eyelash curlers I wouldn't go as far as saying that you can't get the same kind of curl from a regular eyelash curler. I use to love my MAC e.c. but it took me a lot more work to get the same kind of curl with it. I've tried revlon and e.l.f. and they all give you a nice curl but these two are just easier to use. I get a nice curl in less time and with less effort. 

Now to be honest I feel lucky because I can use both. My eye shape allows me to use both. They curl every single eyelash from one end to the other with one try. Unlike other curlers I have to keep repositioning the curler to make sure I get all of my lashes. So a lot of people seem to ask which one is better and to be honest I find them to be the same. I feel the only difference is the shape. If you have more of an Asian like shaped eye the Shu uemura is probably better for you. Its shape is noticeably flatter, it doesn't curve as much as others. 

If you have rounder eyes the Sheseido is probably better for you. To be honest they don't look any different from any other curler. They don't have more or less hinges, they don't require special instructions, they look just like any other curler. What I did notice is that my curl lasts longer and they just open up my eyes even more. If you have the money go ahead and invest in one they are amazing. If you can't spend that kind of money trust me you can get the same look with a regular eyelash curler, it will just take a little more time and effort.  

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